McKinney-Vento Information/Homeless

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act ensures the educational rights and protection of homeless children and youth, so that they may enroll in school, attend regularly, and be successful. District 87 is committed to supporting all of our students and ensuring that every student has access to the full range of educational experiences and resources that our district is proud to provide. Please review District 87's letter regarding homelessness and the District Policy on homelessness.

For information on which students are eligible and the rights they have under McKinney-Vento, click here to view a Fact Sheet in English or Spanish.  If you have questions regarding homeless status and provision of educational services, please contact Leslie Hanson, Director of Student Services and Homeless Services Liaison, at Email Leslie Hanson or (309) 827-6031.

Additional information can be found below regarding your child's educational rights:

Community Resources

District 87 seeks to assist families with accessing resources and services. It is important to leverage every available resource- public and private: federal, state, and local; targeted and non-targeted assistance- to its fullest to serve children and youth experiencing homelessness, and support their educational success.